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Netherlands This famous Dutch city is the cultural capital of the Netherlands, with enough art, architecture and entertainment to keep travelers engaged for a lifetime. Amsterdam is a multi-faceted city, with a range of districts to satisfy all ages, tastes and budgets. Travelers usually arrive via Schiphol Airport, a popular stopover point for European flights, effortlessly connected to Amsterdam via express train.
For many, the mention of Amsterdam conjures up images of exciting nightlife and little else, but this bastion of old-world charm is more nuanced than that. It derives as much pride from its off-beat café culture as from its world-class museums. This is, after all, where masters like Van Gough found their inspiration.

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Amsterdam - Netherlands

The Hague - Netherlands

Rotterdam - Netherlands

Maastricht - Netherlands

Utrecht - Netherlands

Valkenburg - Netherlands

Haarlem - Netherlands

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